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Akihabara Electrical Town x Sharp 8K TV Experience Event

Sharp Singapore Electronics Corporation Pte Ltd

The 8K/4K experience event

The 8K/4K experience event was held in UDX Sabonius Square, located in electronical stores district of Akihabara where flea markets, small concerts and promotion events are often held on weekends.

Two 8K/4K Caravan Cars joined the event, and many guests experienced the overwheming quality of 8K images and sound. With the doors closed inside the caravan car, you can experience the images as if watching movies at a theater.

Sharp Singapore Electronics Corporation Pte Ltd

The Main Event

During the event, to amuse the attendees, comedians demonstrated their street performance, and explained the benefit of 8K image with humor to explain the technology with fun and easy to catch. Aki-Bear, the official character of Akihabara Electrical Town Organization, the organizer of this event, also showed up during the event.

Since this event was held in Akihabara, also being one of the most popular sight-seeing areas in Tokyo, many tourists from outside of Japan also joined the event. Akihabara is a place where people come not only for Otaku cultures, such as animations, gaming, and idols, etc., but also for latest technologies. Guests watched 8K images, and were surprised by its reality and depth. Since 8K TV broadcast is available only in Japan, the tourists enjoyed the latest technology in Japan in an unexpected way.

The 8K/4K Caravan Car

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Sharp Singapore Electronics Corporation Pte Ltd

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